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New Name. New Look. Same Purpose. 

BGB is now Colorway Game Labs

Board Game Brothas was a company started by two brothers entering into the world of board gaming with dope ideas and a tiny picture of what's possible through tabletop gaming. We have spent the last 3 years learning the industry, overcoming obstacles, and discovering new ways to engage with games. 

Our original branding was perfect for all the experiences we've had so far, but our name felt limiting as we thought about our growth and vision for the future. We want to bring in new people and energy to our team, so it's incredibly important to us that our brand be inclusive and be a powerful representation of everyone involved in future projects, regardless of race or gender. We also believe that board games were just the beginning of what we will do moving forward. Games exist in so many different forms and all of them contribute to the culture of play that we feel is so vital to our lives and our community.


We appreciate everything that BGB was and we're excited about everything CGL is going to be. 

Thanks for going on this journey with us,

Omari Akil & Hamu Dennis

CEO & COO of Colorway Game Labs

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Who Are We
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